Potentiometers in 9 and 14mm with up to 38 detents

ACP presents its new potentiometers with “detent effect” for the 9 and 14mm series. The maximum number of detents available now is 38 for the 14mm series and 20 for the 9mm series, valid for both carbon and Cermet types -CA & CE-.

Our new patented system eliminates the need for external elements to set the position. This is internally set, improving the tolerance in each position compared to the other systems available in the market. Moreover, mechanical life is prolonged to 10.000 cycles.

We can choose the strength of the detents and even combine stronger and lighter detents, depending on customers’ requests. Lighter detents provide a continuous “click” feeling along the travel; they are mostly used to provide the final customer with the sense of security that the wiper will remain where it was set. Stronger detents are usually associated with more specific positions.

Certain digital controls can be substituted with an ACP potentiometer with detents. In these cases, we
guarantee several areas with differentiated voltage which feed the analogue input of the controller. Each voltage level would be matched with a detent, making the selection of the desired function easier.

These potentiometers’ long life, tight tolerances and the possibility of combining light and strong feelings point them as a popular alternative to many control applications.

Some customers have special requests. For them, ACP can design tapers that match the detents needed to control the position. We can also assure very strict tolerances thanks to our laser trimming capability.

You may download the file technical specifications on our potentiometers with detents from the link below, or from our website: Products / Potentiometers with Detents / Specifications & Examples – click on "Download" on the lower left corner.

For more information or samples, do not hesitate to contact us.