Tape&Reel packaging for our SMD potentiometers with thumbwheel

We present ACP’s CA6VSMD potentiometer in T&R packaging, with thumbwheel 6030 already inserted.

We had already introduced Tape & Reel packaging for our CA6VSMD some months ago. Now, we also give you the opportunity to save the step of inserting the thumbwheel in the potentiometer.

The advantage of the T&R packaging is still maintained; customers with highly automated production lines and automated insertion/placement equipment are more likely to obtain greater benefits from saving the step of adding the thumbwheel. ACP's SMD potentiometers are made with carbon substrates and can have different tapers. Other manufacturers only offer Cermet. This advantage, together with the new packaging option, make our potentiometers more competitive for the same applications.

The packaging system for our SMD potentiometers with thumbwheel is the same that we had for the potentiometers alone. The reel is the same, but because of the extra height added by the thumbwheel, there will be a lower number of potentiometers per reel: Without thumbwheel: 1200 pcs.; With thumbwheel (6030 model): 750 pcs.

You may download the file with dimensional information and technical specifications on our CA6VSMD-T&R from the link below, or from our website: Products / Trimming Carbon Potentiometers CA / CA6 SMD –click on "Download" on the lower left corner.

Should you need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us!