New 9mm potentiometers with detents -long life

Following the success of our 14mm potentiometer with detents, ACP is pleased to announce the introduction of detents in its 9mm series, both in carbon (CA9) and Cermet (CE9).

Our detents set the wiper position without adding external elements; they also have better accuracy at setting this position thanks to its improved design. Moreover, ACP’s potentiometers with detents maintain all electrical and mechanical properties of a standard potentiometer while reaching 10.000cycles.

For these reasons, our detent feature is particularly advantageous when the product requires narrow position tolerances and long mechanical life. ACP’s potentiometers with detents are especially suitable for control applications where the final consumer appreciates a better feeling of control over the position.

The maximum number of detents available in each series is:
- CA14 and CE14: Up to 38.
- CA9 and CE9: Up to 20.

ACP’s potentiometers with detents can be used for setting very strong pauses in a few positions, for a light "click" feeling along the complete travel, or even for a combination of both light and strong feelings in specific positions. Tapers can also be customized to match special ohm values with the positions of your choice.

ACP can design different positions according to customers’ needs. Send us your requirements and we will study a tailored solution!