SMD trimmers available in Tape and Reel (T&R) packaging.

ACP’s CA6VSMD trimmers are now available on 330mm-diameter reels using 24mm-wide embossed carrier tape. Both the carrier tape and the reel are made of antistatic materials and the loading orientation of the trimmers is in compliance with EIA standard 481. Each reel holds 1.200 pieces.

We believe this new packaging format helps ACP and its partners better serve their customers’ needs. For those customers with highly automated production lines, Tape and Reel (T&R) offers an easy-to-use, industry-wide accepted packaging format that allows the use of automatic insertion/placement equipment.

ACP’s CA6VSMD-T&R, with the collector facing towards the sprocket holes on the tape, is the first model to be offered on this packaging. Of course, ACP will study other possibilities on request.

Should you need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us!!