NEWCOMER: RS9 – Rotary Sensor

ACP expands the range of potentiometer Position sensors with the introduction of the new RS9 series, a 9mm Rotary Sensor that withstands up to 200.000 cycles in a mechanical angle of 240º±10º and for operating temperatures between -25ºC and +85ºC.

The product is available on all the existing models of the CA9 series in THT, THR and SMD configurations, in bulk and Tape-n-Reel packaging.

The standard value is 10K Ohm ±30%, featuring a 3% independent linearity. Other ohm values and linearity are available under request.

Typical application is as angle position sensor in a number of different products like actuators for valves, flaps and automotive rear mirrors; gear shafts, robotics etc.

The RS9 is also a cost effective man/machine interface to control or regulate a device or an equipment for more than 10.000 mechanical cycles.

All the existing rotors, terminals styles, shafts and thumbwheels already available on our CA9 product family can be configured as RS9 long life sensor. In addition to that, we can offer gear wheels under specific customer requests.

ACP is ready to offer bespoke solutions for long life applications based on thick-film technology. We have the elements that allow us to approach a broad variety of mechanical and electrical configurations in order to custom design solutions that will meet your specific needs. Please, call us to discuss your project to engineer a solution together.


Contact ACP’s Customer Service team or your nearest ACP local distributor for further information and sample request.