CS14 series grow!

ACP has extended their CS14 range with the inclusion of the V12.5x5 model and a rotor shape and size, called the “Y” rotor.

The V12,5x5 model features a new pin layout that consists of a 5mm distance between terminals and 12,5x5mm raster. The “Y” rotor is characterized by a reduced size 3 x 4mm “D” shape.

The combination of these two features together allows this endless turn potentiometer to be compatible with existing models in the market.

Like all the other members of the CS14 family, this new version can withstand temperature ranges from -25ºC to + 105ºC, (or even 120ºC) when configured with the corresponding materials.

Contact ACP’s Customer Service team or your nearest ACP local distributor for further information and sample request.