CSF14. HP pluggable version of an endless carbon potentiometer .

ACP introduces the CSF14.HP series pluggable to a RAST 2,5 card edge connector. This series is available with endless-turn in standard configuration and can also incorporate mechanical end stops on request. CSF14. HP can be fixed directly to front panel through M4 screws or clamps.

The disposition of the three pins is such that a portion of their surface will get in touch with the metal contact beams of the card edge connector when plugged together.

Thanks to this concept we can transmit the output signal from the potentiometer to the customer electronics just using a suitable connector. In this way, we will save important costs such as the removal of the soldering process and the need for a PCB suited for a card edge connection.

External housing increases the product robutness and holds a CS14 endless turn potentiometer inside as well.

Tight absolute linearity, CS14 standard mechanical detents, high-temperature fitting (up to 120ºC), etc are available options under request. Pluggable series can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Applications: In cooking ovens as feedback position sensor, cooking style selector, or temperature/time setting dial.  Switch selector for washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers.


Contact ACP’s Customer Service team or your nearest ACP local distributor for further information and sample request.