CA9/CE9 – THT potentiometers in T&R packaging

Manual assembly of odd form through-hole mount components is a costly process. Customer’s in house automation and commercial equipment solutions exist nowadays in the market for automating this operation with the consequent cost reduction.

Different ways to feed these components to this type of machines exist. The popular Tape-n-Reel packaging used in SMD components has become a common one to do so.

Configured either or for Wave (THT) or Reflow soldering THR), ACP CA9 and CE9 through-hole mount potentiometers packed in Tape-n-Reel are hence suitable for this automated assembly process.

Different pocket versions of the T&R carrier allows picking up the potentiometers either, by means of a gripper or a vacuum nozzle.

Readily available in this packaging are the following models:

  • CA9H, Horizontal adjustment (Vertical PCB Mount)
Model Terminal tip length: TP25 (2,5mm) Terminal tip length: Standard

Terminal style:

with SNR snap-in

H2,5 x - -
HS3,8 - x (3,5 mm) -
H5 x - -


  • CA9V, Vertical adjustment (Horizontal PCB Mount)

Terminal tip length:

Standard (4mm)

Terminal tip length:

TP25 (2,5mm)

Terminal style: Standard with SNR snap-in



V7,5 x - - x x
V10 x x Under request x x
VR10 x - - x x


Contact ACP’s Customer Service team or your nearest ACP local distributor for further information and sample request.