Gudeco promotes ACP product range at Elektronik magazine

ACP continues with product range promotion.Gudeco Elektronik-A22

Our German Distributor Gudeco Elektronik has recently published this advert at the renowned magazine, Elektronik. Promoting ACP products, and showing our improvements at different soldering configurations vertical, horizontal, THT, SMD, different technologies, Cermet and Carbon, endless (360º) sensors, CS14, Q16, and potentiometers with detents, working as switches programmer and controls (16 detents – 4 bits) .

All our product range is customizable in order to adapt and meet your needs.

Discover the range of possible applications where our potentiometers can work! Like Automotive, multimedia, white goods and electrical tools.

For more details surf our web and please, get in touch with your ACP sales channel for technical advice and orders.

Gudeko Elektronik is an authorized ACP distributor in Germany and provides service with local stock and through their qualified sales team.