ACP introduces the Q16 Rotary Potentiometer Switch series

NOTICIA Q16Q16 is the result of combining together a CS14 endless turn potentiometer with an external robust and precise detent mechanism.

The design is patented and it allows to choose between 4 different detent torque values and the use of a top or below side thru mount shaft.

The standard configuration includes a linear taper CS14 and the mechanism is fitted with 16 detents evenly spread along the 360º. Output voltages are guaranteed for more than 10.000 turns without overlapping between contiguous detent positions.

The main application is the program selection between different options, typically in appliances such as Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Clothes Dryers, Electric Ovens, Kitchen Robots and many others. In the Automotive field a common application would be the Rotary Air Flow Distribution Selection Switch.